kimono 着物


kimono 着物

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Mankind’s greatest invention. [video]

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Antique Furisode Kimono - Early Showa Period

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優しい吹き寄せ ~ レトロハイスタイル ~

蝶が舞い降る現代着物 × 傘に桜のあでやかなアンティーク刺繍帯





着物 :

帯 :


*They are available at ICHIROYA.

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Kimono :

Obi :

*Obijime cord and obiage sash are not for sale.

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At last! I’ve obtained not one but two summer kimono that aren’t yukata!!!
I’m so excited to finally have appropriate summer ensembles!

First is an synthetic Ro silk komon, which I fell in love with because I didn’t have anything so sweet and feminine in my collection. I’m pretty sure the flower motif is nadeshiko and another variation I haven’t identified yet.
I paired it with my off-white summer hakata fukuro, and a open weave plum obijime. It gave off such a cool feeling!
So very different from my usual bold and wild colors. I figured it was time for something soft and sweet.

The second one is a summer sha houmongi with gorgeous wave and water patterns! ((I think it’s sha since it doesn’t have the horizontal open weave that Ro does so…yes?))
Another dream kimono I thought I’d never own! I love wave motifs and finally this beauty appeared!
I paired this kimono with a Ro fukuro, with gold tachibana, butterfly and pine kamon motif. The obijime I wasn’t sure about since its so dark but I still have limited colors in that accessory, but I figured it matched the dark blues well.

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Japanese wedding kimono: Aoi (Blue)

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